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As we go through life we may feel like we have everything under control, but sometimes we are anchored and paralyzed by the past or an unhealthy fear of the future, it could be worried ranging from relationships to family. As an adult, it can be hard to share anything, even when there are certain things you wish were different. You can’t change the past. It’s hard to be in the present but a better future, we can build together. Contact C & C to assist you, in whatever situation you may find yourself in.

Stress – Work related – Family conflicts – Single parenting

About 1 in 10 Americans were taking some sort of anti-depression medication for various mental health reasons in 2020. This tells us no matter what age or gender you are, life can definitely be a challenging thing to walk through.

Before it gets to that point, there have probably been a lot of warning signs most of us ignore or we do not have the time to deal with due to work and family life or single parenthood.

Your mind needs to be treated like your body, with the right care and healthy inputs. If not, it has the risk of breaking down on us, and we do not want that outcome.

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, tired and lack energy, or stuck in the everyday, then give yourself the chance to break those chains, to reduce that stress and gain back some energy again. Share your burden with me and let’s have some constructive consultations and get another set of critical eyes on your situation that takes your focus and needs into perspective.

With the right tools and ability to see things that may have been hard to see or focus on, you will be able to make some life changing decisions.

Adults Consulting and Coaching
Adults Consulting and Coaching

Abuse – Violence experiences – past experiences

Life is no bed of roses, but whether our issues are stemming from the past or recent encounters, it will always be the right time to get help immediately.

Sadly, for some people, they have some experiences early on in life that could prevent them from creating trust. It could already have taken a toll on your confidence or already have created a repetitive pattern of ending up with the wrong type of friends or partners.

No matter what we have been through, there is always another path to choose.

This path can be shrouded in confusion, fear, anger etc. and to have someone help you make the puzzle and locate those missing pieces, would allow you to see the whole picture again and act accordingly from that.

Make the changes you wish for, become better at taking care of yourself and then those around you. Put the past experiences to rest once and for all along the way, so you can use your energy going forward. Plan a meeting with C & C and hear how coaching and consulting can help you and let us together move forward without the heavy burden of the past and with a lighter presence.

Short temper – Irrational decisions – Worries Irritations

All of the above situations can end up in a full circle and we need to break that vicious cycle.
It doesn’t matter what has caused this. Today, the majority blames some of these points on Covid. The truth is that this is happening inside of us and if we do not find the right outlets and ways to deal with this, we might end up in unwanted situations.

Acting upon emotions can often have some unpredictable outcomes and this is not the face we wish people to recognize us by. It’s time to get it under control and stop worrying. It’s time to plan ahead, make a strategy that works for your situation and find the root cause of whatever causes these unpleasant reactions for you. When we find the cause of this, then it is time to change it for the better. Let C & C be your team-mate in this endeavor and together, make sure that we are working in the right direction to achieve the better version of yourself that you wish to become and with more surplus energy to handle life going forward.

Adults Consulting and Coaching

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