It’s not uncommon for many people to feel down at the start of the new year. With it often comes feelings of being lost, sad, having a poor outlook on the future, or just being lonely. While these feelings sometimes go away on their own, you may find that there’s a point to where you just aren’t sure what to do. Here are some ways you can cope with feeling down at the start of the new year.

1. Talk To Your Loved Ones

Worried mature mother comforts her daughter, helping with problem and depression

Even if no one in your life has expressed that they have felt down around the new year, there’s a good chance that someone around you has gone through the exact same thing at some point. Because of this, you should talk to your loved ones about how you are feeling.

2. Determine What You Want To Accomplish In The New Year
With the start of another year, many individuals start feeling down if they don’t have anything that they are looking forward to accomplishing. This is why you need to find something that you can look forward to accomplishing in the new year, like taking a class or learning a new skill.

4. Spend Some Time Outside
A lot of people find that the winter months really bring down their mood. If you are feeling down, you may be able to lift your spirits by simply spending some time outdoors.

5. Start A New Hobby

Young girl in short hair trying a new hobby in ceramics

Feeling down may be caused by having too much stress and no way to relieve it. By taking up a new hobby, you can relieve some of this stress. Just make sure the hobby you choose is something that you enjoy and helps you relax.

6. Seek Professional Help
If you are still feeling down no matter what you try, it may be time to seek professional help. Fortunately, C&C by Dove is there for you. We specialize in helping our clients achieve some of their most pressing goals through both education and motivation. We are available to coach clients in and around the Fredericksburg, Virginia area.

You don’t have to struggle with feeling down at the start of the new year. Give C&C by Dove a call today to schedule a consultation. Let us help you ring in the new year by assisting you in figuring out what will bring you joy during the upcoming year!