Young Adults Consulting and Coaching

Ages 18-25

As a young adult, life can be hard to navigate. There are a range of things that, all of the sudden, are knocking on your door and it is completely normal not to have all the answers or tools provided at this stage in your life. C & C offers the coaching and consulting services to help you, whatever situation you may find ourself in. Give us a call, and we will be in your corner.

School – Education – Expectation

As life progresses for us all and we are getting ready to encounter the world with new responsibilities, more often than not common questions and irrationalized fears are throwing a wrench in the machinery.

Being paralyzed by fear or being afraid of what’s to come and what to become is not a rare thing. This can lead to a variety of other problems for you to fight with, in an already busy and important period of your life. With the right help, consultation and coaching can help you to gain perspective of your road ahead, making goals together and getting the tools to make it work out for you, so you can move freely again.

While we all cope differently with the way we are stuck or fighting habits, one thing is sure; to have someone in your corner to help you progress will be the best investment in yourself and your future.

Young Adults Consulting and Coaching
Young Adults Consulting and Coaching

Abuse – Violence – self harm and past experiences

Whether our issues are stemming from the past or recent encounters, it will always be the right time to get help immediately. Sadly, for some people, they have some experiences early on in life that prevent them from creating trust. It could already have taken a toll on your confidence or already have created a repetitive pattern of ending up with the wrong type of partners.

No matter what we have been through, there is always another path to take. This path can be shrouded in confusion, fear, anger, etc. and to have someone help you to “draw” a map and locate the traps that one may fall into, will be a great first experience and to overcome any obstacle and freely talk about this, in a non-judgmental and safe setting can be a relief as well. So teaming up with someone who gets you, and genuinely wishes to help you and not drag the pain out would be your best choice. You deserve to break out of the shackles that weigh you down and get rid of the reasons why. Consult with someone who has multiple tools and work-experiences to help you plan ahead, so you can live as you wish to, being happy again is no myth.

Relations – Self Esteem – Self image

More often than not, some of these categories are entwined, but with the right plan and practice we will be able to raise the value of our self image and start to take better care of ourselves and appreciate our own core, instead of seeking other means to fill a void we may have, stemming from anything from low self esteem, eating disorder, bad relationships, being bullied, harassed, neglected, insecurity, etc. The list is long, but the point is, you are original and unique, there is no reason to reinvent yourself every so often, why not build a solid foundation and keep building on that. The original always ends up being the best copy.

Young Adults Consulting and Coaching
Young Adults Consulting and Coaching

Core Identity – Friends – Family

Do you ever have the feeling, “Who am I”, “Where do I fit in”, of feeling awkward in social settings, “I’m with my friends but still feel like I’m an outsider” or, “When I’m with my family it seems like either they changed or I have changed, how do I handle this? I need to prepare my family on some news I know will shake theirs and my core.”

No matter what, in all areas where you need your core to be the most stable of all, it can certainly seem like it is wobbling a bit. In situations of getting tongue tied, all of the sudden an uncontrollable tremor is felt inside of your body which makes our stomachs turn, because it simply can’t handle more nervous energy and anxiety. This can happen to anyone despite gender and age. Let’s track down the reason and strategically, with consulting and training, get you ready and leave the baggage at the door for the next time you are in need of our own solid core and being sure of whom you really are.

Covid tiredness/fear – Loneliness – Media scare

In this day and age, some people are paying the price for the whole lockdown and the fear of news; this is for sure no small fee. Many people have felt this and are still feeling it. It’s almost like some have stopped living and have become anti-social, very much against their will. Some are surfing the web 24/7 to make sense of it all, and just risk ending up in a rabbithole of truth and falsehoods and all of the sudden have gone too far and can’t find the way out again.

Anxiety and fear developed from being alone, paralyzing your social life and daily activities. You need a rope to get out of the hole, a plan that you can be able to see and act from. With careful steps and the right consulting and coaching, you will be able to get out on top again and feel a lot less alone and turn your tiredness back into energy.

Young Adults Consulting and Coaching
Young Adults Consulting and Coaching

Anxiety – Depressive state – Hopelessness

Far too often, I’ve heard from clients, “I just got these pills for my anxiety or depressive state of mind and when I can’t sleep I take some other pills.​” These issues are like clouds hanging over our heads, with the energy to tackle this, and finding the root cause of why we are feeling as we do, there is a great chance of improving our lifestyle and eventually getting on with our lives.
You can still receive consulting and coaching while on your medications. But just to keep taking medicine without finding the cause of our feelings is like putting our lives on standby and watching the world move on. While medicine is helpful, it’s also for many a barrier in life.

The state of mind is going neutral, and we can’t feel much. Life is feeling and energy, good and bad, so let’s together root out the cause, and make a solid plan on how we can improve your situation so you can enjoy all aspects of life again. Symptom treatment is good for a little while, but root cause removal is good for life.

Grief – Sadness – Jealousy

Heavy heart, a pressure in our chest, tears piling up but can’t get out or getting too much out. An anger boiling, uncontrollable emotions, getting triggered by situations we do not wish to be in. No matter if you have experienced a former trauma or are finding yourself in a situation where you are reacting inappropriately to something, if you feel like you can’t talk with your surroundings about it or don’t know how to;

Do not hesitate to reach out, there is no shame in sadness or sorrow, we are ruled by our emotions and it can be very hard to control without the right plan and tools. Grief is not a thing to be rushed, but we can effectively shorten the period and allow it to co-exist with us, instead of it taking over our life. So let’s work up a plan that works for you and your situation.

Young Adults Consulting and Coaching

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