Couples Consulting and Coaching

Couples Consulting and Coaching

Couples are stronger together, and there is no doubt that traveling on the path of life together can pose some challenges. Sometimes we lose track of what was important, the foundation we had together, daily issues are becoming more problematic, but what is it all really about? Issues from fighting to disagreements, jealousy and guilt-tripping each other are never fun to live with. If you wish to mend a broken path or to re-discover your path together, don’t wait, grab life by the horns and call C & C so we can work towards a better life and future together.

Marriage and relationships

As a couple, no matter if we are married, separated, in a long term relationship or just recently starting out with a partner, when the path we are walking together that is supposed to make us stronger no longer seems to have that effect and it seems like you took a left and your partner a right, then it’s time to stop and take a real deep look at your future and the bigger picture.

If you are like many other couples, then you most likely just carried on and now the days may have soured and when you talk to your partner it seems like the selective hearing is kicking in and neither of you are making any progress. There are many things that can muddy the water when you are two, but no matter what the issue is, there are other ways to be found for you.

Maybe you are like many couples that I’ve spoken to, who tried couples therapy and it seems like the therapist is taking one side over another and that has caused even more of a rift. With my background, I have honed my skills over the years in reading body language and in between the lines. I also have an understanding for basic human needs and our subconscious defense mechanisms in difficult situations.

With someone who has multiple tools and years of experience behind him, you would benefit from having a Consultant to plan and help you and your partner out. If you are willing to fight for what you love, whether it is yourself, your family or partner I will be here to assist you both in this endeavor.

A partnership should be a blessing and not a curse, and sometimes it can be hard to see the forest for all the trees. Let’s together bring some clarity to your lives and make that winding road a bit straighter and get you both back on the same path again.

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