Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to get a quote?

For single and couple clients, within 12-24 hours, not applicable during holidays.
For businesses, after our first meeting please allow 3-5 days to receive your quote.  

Do I need to be present at the property for a quote?

There is no quote necessary, as C & C are offering a flat hourly fee.
For businesses, C & C would already have had a meeting, the quote will be sent by email.

Do I need to do anything before you get here?

A location where we can talk uninterrupted, and other than that, just make sure you got what you need, and you are comfortable.

How much does it cost?

125 $ per Online-Consultation
150 $ In person Consultation
180$ Couples Online-Consultation
195$ Couples In person Consultation

How long does it take?

A session is 45 mins with the client and 15 mins for documentation and filing, along with other administrative work.

Couples coaching and consultations are 90 mins.

When can you get started?

C & C are open for new clients now.

How do you go about pricing a job onsite?

This will be decided, based on location, transportation, timeframe and the amount of people involved.  

What are the biggest factors that affect the price?

As a Fee-for-service practice, commonly the price for a session depends on the area, what type of meetings, and the experience and background of the consultant.  

What can I do to manage costs?

We’re aware that consulting can be costly and that the amount of time and energy put into this, is no small fee either. Once you start your sessions, If possible keep continuing with them, until you feel you are ready to stop. If you make progress and take a longer break, sometimes the groundwork needs refreshing and that could end in more sessions than you wish for.

As a furthermore promise, I’m dedicated to not wasting anyone’s time or money. For me, it’s important that this investment you are making into yourself is a rewarding experience for you and your reason for coming.

What can I do to save myself time?

– Be on time and be prepared for the consultation
– After a few consultations, if you have any questions, feel free to write them down
– Run a “log or journal”. Be aware what has helped you and what needs to be revisited, also write down any new occurring matters and questions that may surface during your work and reflections.

What is the next step?

We do offer a 15 min free call, to see if we wish to continue and to briefly lay out a plan and answer any questions you may have. If you do not have any questions or wish to use our offer, feel free to book a time right away!

How do we get started?

Once you decide to continue with C & C, you will book a time that suits you, and that would be your first consultation and start.

What happens next?

Once you are booking, you will receive a confirmation and an instruction with a meeting link, to join in on the web-meeting, in your email

What will it be like on an ongoing basis?

This is individual, people’s way of working and coping is hard to plan ahead, but usually, the client would after a very few times or sometimes after the first time, start to feel the help they came for and tools given, is working in their favor.

How often will you check in with me?

This also depends on the situation you are bringing to C & C. As a rule of thumb, In order to get the biggest benefit out of this, weekly meetings are suggested, so the work progress is kept up to date and you won’t forget anything from the last consultation.

Sometimes a double consultation can be needed for some, and if that is the case then it is also something C & C can assist with.

Will I receive regular reports or updates of some kind?

You will as a client not receive any reports, other than verbal. You will be kept up-to-date and reminded about the previous consultation and topics during each consultation.

For workplaces hiring C & C , a report and ongoing documentations will be provided, as progress is going forward. Suggestions and observations along with strategies that can be useful for certain issues.

How will I know it’s working?

You will guarantee to be the first one to know the changes, it is your body and mind, there is none other than you, who are the master of that and you will for sure be able to tell along the consultations, the changes that have started to happen, and patterns that has started to change for you.

What are some things that aren’t included and might cost extra?

Nothing – Flat hourly fee, no hidden extra from C & C – Credit Cards, bank transfer and other payment methods may be subject to the normal fee, but not by C & C.

How do I pay you?

Our payment portal offers a variety of payment options, from credit cards to transfers.

When do I pay you?

Once you receive an invoice, you will have 5 business days to pay the amount in full. Without payment, the following consultation will be cancelled. Not paying on time could result in a 10% late fee and extra cost connected to that.

Does Video-Consultations work?

With more than 90% of the U.S. population under stay-at-home orders this spring, tele-assistance quickly became the sole option for many Americans in need of help
And research to date shows assistance and care delivered remotely is effective.

What are the benefits with remote/video consultations?

By using remote consultation, it does bring another level of privacy and for many clients, they do appreciate opening up in the comfort of their own surroundings, rather than at an office they are unfamiliar with. Studies have shown after tele-consultations, people are more prone to try face-to-face consultations due to the trust created.

During this time of the pandemic, there is also a health benefit by using tele-consultation.

This particularly comes in handy for people with anxiety or trust issues etc.

More focus by being in your own setting has proven a benefit, more productive work can commence along with saving the transportation time, since it can be hard to juggle the work-life balance.

Remote also helps reach the people who are further out and may have an issue with transportation or health, a greater flexibility is for everyone.

Consultations on your own time, you pick the timeslot and location you feel comfortable in.

MedicalNewsToday reported a higher satisfaction rate, with Tele-assistance.

Do you offer Tele-Consultations?

Yes C & C By Dove has a phone-line for clients only, so that can be arranged as well.

Do you record the Consultations?

No – The consultations are private and I honor the client-privacy/confidentiality relation like any other professional would do.

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