When you’re feeling tired all the time, it can make it difficult to handle your daily tasks. Some common signs are lying in bed for hours after work, struggling to stay awake at night, and finding yourself exhausted just by cooking dinner. Feeling a little more tired than usual may have more to do with stress than your overall health.

1. Know What Causes You to Feel Tired all the Time

Several reasons can make you feel tired all the time. One of the most common, however, is stress. When you are stressed and overwhelmed, you get less sleep as your body and mind are racing to cope with your challenges. Your energy levels deplete as a result.

2. Check your Diet

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Another factor that can make you feel tired all the time is simply not eating enough. If you’re consuming a diet containing little or no protein, your body may require more than it’s getting. In some extreme cases, this can lead to chronic fatigue or malnutrition. In many cases, poor digestion results from food sensitivities that prevent your body from properly absorbing the nutrients it needs.

3. Making the Time to Relax

You are more likely to feel tired if you constantly rush from one task to another. Start by creating a list of all the functions and activities you need to fulfill during the day. Review it and mark out any that you can push back, postpone or even cancel. If you still have a lot of free time after taking care of your responsibilities, then take this opportunity to do something relaxing. It can be anything from taking a bath to grabbing coffee with a friend.

4. Consult Experts

If your diet and exercise routines do not result in the energy boost you expect, then it might be time to seek medical advice. Serious health conditions like anemia, hypothyroidism, diabetes, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome can tire you.

5. Check your Exercise Routine

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Exercise is another thing that can help you feel less tired all of the time. However, doing it incorrectly or not enough can have the opposite effect. It’s important to do aerobic exercise and yoga, as they improve your energy levels by releasing endorphins and growth hormones which promote alertness and stamina.

6. Letting Sleep Rejuvenate You

Sleep is the time when your mind and body restore themselves. You can feel exhausted all day if you are not getting enough of it. Too much sleep can also be a problem, so you must figure out how much is right for you. Adults need about 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. It would help if you practiced good sleep hygiene, such as establishing a bedtime routine and removing distractions.

You may think that when you’re exhausted, it’s because you haven’t gotten enough sleep or for some other reason that doesn’t involve your energy levels. In many cases, it’s not about lack of sleep; rather, it’s about relaxation. C&C by Dove has some great tips for making time to relax, as stressed people often struggle to find the time to do so